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One of the true classics of the legendary John Holmes` career, this stand-out video treat finds him once again reprising his role as Johnny Wadd. Wadd is a rough-and-tumble private eye who always gets to the bottom of a case — as well as the shapely bottoms of most of the women he runs across along the way. Wadd is presented as the perfect lover, a man who takes the time to draw out the best in his female partners. It`s Holmes` ultimate role and this is one of his ultimate videos. The story pretends to be about Wadd tracking down a group of drug smugglers operating out of Mexico, but what it`s really about is swinging 70s style sexual satisfaction. Holmes takes on some of the hottest women of her career, including legendary starlet Annette Haven. Their dazzling duet provides the high point of the film, but Holmes makes sure that every lady on hand here goes home satisfied. Curvaceous Joan Devlon is one of the lesser known starlets of the time, but she turns in a voracious performance here opposite Holmes. And tasty Veronica Taylor brings her all natural figure to another scintillating encounter with the well-built superstud. This one`s a great pick for fans of Holmes or of 70s erotica, a cornerstone of the career of one of porndom`s most enduring legends. Collector`s Choice! — X-Rated Videotape Guide I

Genre: Porn Movies

Director: Arrow Productions

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