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Starlets Adore Facials 5

The Story So Far – J.J,, a hard-working but poor Hungarian glamour photographer has mysteriously inherited a lovely house in the country from a dead uncle. His friends tell him to run the place as a small hotel and some of the porn models have offered to help out and also provide “extra services” to the guests. A Russian visitor was found murdered in his bedroom, but then the body vanished, along with the two Russian maids who have been helping out that week…

J.J is interviewing two young people who want to be porn stars – a sexy American student called BETTY (played by US porn star, VANNA BARDOT) and an Italian guy called ANTONIO. The babe

looking very cute in a multi-coloured short summer frock, admits that she is something of a nymphomaniac and cannot get enough sex…..she always makes her boyfriend fuck several times each day, fantasizes about him cumming in her face and even masturbated on the way to the interview. ANTONIO`s English is poor but he admits to having a big cock and likes fucking. When he unzips his pants to that J.J. can take a look, BETTY licks her lips in anticipation. There is a ring at the front door and J.J. has to break off the interview. Waiting outside are a young Hungarian detective, JANOS KUTYAHAZ, and a colleague from Interpol, HERR SCHMIDT. They

want to ask J.J. some more questions about the day of the murder. Its hardly good timing, with the porn couple in the next room, but he agrees. In the house`s Winter Garden J.J. confirms that the girls were Russian and says he found a hotel receipt belonging to the missing dead body – the man called YURY.. SCHMIDT asks him to fetch it.

Back in the lounge BETTY has been getting turned on by ANTONIO and begs to see his giant cock again. She just can`t stop herself from stroking it and finally giving him head. When J.J. enters to look for his jacket with the receipt inside ANOTONIO has gone on to eat out her pussy. BETTY is moaning loudly. J.J. tells them to keep the noise down. SCHMIDT and JANOS are looking at the hotel voucher and contacting Interpol when BETTY screams out for ANTONIO to fuck her harder. The noise is too much for the detectives to rush to

investigate. An embarrassed J.J. admits that he is a porn photographer and the couple busy fucking are would-be stars. It does not bother the cops at all ! They love watching! And BETTY hardly cares about an audience and demands that J.J. tell ANTONIO to fuck her like a dirty whore! He, of course, obliges.

First, after the oral scenes in which she spat on his dick and licked it several times and he returned the favour by slobbering over her juicy little cunt, ANTONIO now puts BETTY into a missionary position so he can pound her with his mammoth dick. Then he turns her on her side and slides his meat in to work the slut over real good. She loves every second, moaning and begging for more! ANTONIO lets BETTY get on top for a hard screwing in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl postions. She just loves riding up and down on his cock, finally getting off to slobber some more cunt juice from off his dong. By now she has lost the dress and is showing us her tight and tattoo free lithe body with a ballerina`s slim legs, tight ass cheeks and perfect B cup tits. ANTONIO slips inside her cunt in doggy postion, slamming his large tool right up the wall of her vagina making the bitch moan in total ecstasy. Finally she leaps off his dick, gets down on her knees and like the whore she is, begs for him to unload his cream in her face. ANOTONIO is dying to do just that. Thick wads of sperm slither down on her upturned face and lips as she smiles in pleasure. Then, partly blowing him, partly blowing through the sperm, BETTY blows great big bubbles of goo, laughing as he uses his love juice to amuse herself, blowing further bubbles like a true dirty cocksucking slut!

Back in the Winter Garden, blown away by the show, the detectives joke for a moment before SCHMIDT sees that he has mail from Interpol. They have sent a photo of YURY and J.J, confirms

the likeness. But this is a photo of a suspect taken only 2 days earlier in Tenerife in the Canary Islands! How can it be? J.J. says it must be impossible because if it is YURY, as JANOS says, then

the whole thing is turning into one helluva mystery!!!


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