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Match Mates. Match Mates is a series of five, fly-on-the-wall scenes centered round first time director, Liselle Bailey. Having already made her mark as a producer (London Sex Project, 2008), the ex-teacher has created her own blend of porn, featuring her bona fide porn star friends.. Utilizing her unique connection with each performer, Bailey has also captured genuine, lust-fueled tension, all for your enjoyment. If you’re only interested in ‘wham-bam’ then this film is not for you. But, if you fancy something that builds to that carnal crescendo, just like real sex, then check out Match Mates..

Genres: British, Couples, Directed by Women, European, Feature, Gonzo, International, Popular with Women, Voyeurism

Genre: Porn Movies

Director: JoyBear Pictures

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