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Bimbo Cheerleaders from Outer Space

A microscopic budget doesn’t slow down a gang of interstellar sex kittens one little bit in this goofy romp. Tracey Adams stars as Captain Bimbo, the leader of a starship crew that’s been sent out to chart strange new worlds. Their first mission is to travel to the planet Pancreas 4, where the local populace is experiencing some sort of trouble. Of course, along the way they all seem to find plenty of time for extraterrestrial excitement. Nothing like a pajama party to spice up a space trip! Midway through the journey they discover Chewy, an alien creature who strongly resembles Randy Spears in a gorilla mask. Not one to discriminate, Vera Butler treats the hairy stowaway to an energetic roll in the proton accelerator. Once Bimbo and her crew show up on Pancreas 4, the find the King (Robert Bullock) at a low ebb. It seems he’s the only male on a planet full of females and is getting a bit worn down. The girls must rejuvenate him in order to continue life on the planet, which entails lots of unfettered sex. The whole thing is played as much for laughs as for heat, with the actors performing against poster board sets and commenting on their dubious dialogue. The sex is plenty hot enough to carry it all off, though, especially the stellar work of Tracey Adams. A fast-paced, fun little sexvid that’ll appeal to couples or singles.

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